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Below is our interactive Price Zone map. You can search an address or business name to identify which zone it is in, and the map will also mark your current GPS location.

This map is to be used in conjunction with your supplied welcome pack and/or pricing guide




Orange is covered by our Timaru or Methven runs
Green is covered by our Ashburton or Leeston runs
Dark Blue is covered by our Ashburton or Darfield runs
Red is covered by all runs
Light Blue covered on an on-demand basis
Light Blue with Red border is outsourced through the RD contractor
Purple is freight forwarded with Akaroa Couriers
Yellow is covered by our Rangiora, Oxford and Amberley Runs
Light Pink is freight forwarded with Hanmer Cheviot Couriers
Dark Pink bordered areas will incur a Rural Freight charge in addition to standard zone and size charges.


Download a high resolution, printable map here

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